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Captain Gerrard quits England duty

England captain Steven Gerrard retires from international football after winning 114 caps, describing it as a “sad day”.
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Cannibalism case nurse found guilty

A nurse who fantasised about killing and eating a teenage girl is convicted of trying to meet a girl through sexual grooming.
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Kiev forces attack city of Donetsk (pop. 1mn), civilian casualties reported

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Ukrainian troops equipped with tanks and armored vehicles are making an attempt to break into Donetsk, a city of approximately 950,000 people, an official of the rebels’ self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, Sergey Kavtaradze, informed Reuters.

The fighting is ongoing in several spots simultaneously. The heaviest fire is heard near the Donetsk Airport, currently held by pro-Kiev forces and next to the main railway station, which suffered an airstrike this morning. The city is being shelled with heavy artillery and unguided missiles of multiple launch rocket systems.

“The active phase of the anti-terrorist operation is continuing. We are not about to announce any troop movements,” the spokesman for Kiev’s military operations in eastern Ukraine, Vladyslav Seleznyov, announced on Monday.

While Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko ordered a ceasefire within a radius of 40km from the crash site of Malaysian Airways flight MH17 in Donetsk Region, the assault on the city of Donetsk itself continues. It is situated some 70km from the scene.

At the same time spokesman for Ukraine’s Security Council claimed that Ukrainian army is in no way responsible for explosions in downtown Donetsk that occurred on Monday.

“There is work on clearing approaches to the city, on destroying checkpoints of the terrorists. If there are explosions in the middle of the city – then it is not Ukrainian soldiers,” Andrey Lysenko told a news conference.

The spokesman admitted, though, that the blasts could be a result of subversive operations.

“We have strict orders not to use air strikes and artillery in the city. If there is fighting in the city, we have information that there is a small self-organized group who are fighting with the terrorists,” he said.

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Soccer superstar’s mom: ‘I tried to abort’ him

(METRO) The mother of Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has admitted that she drank alcohol and ran until she ‘dropped’ in an attempt to abort him while she was pregnant.

Dolores Aveiro revealed the story in a biography called Mother Courage, which was released in Portugal today.

In the book, Mrs Aveiro admitted that she tried to abort Ronaldo – who is the youngest of four children – by drinking warm beer and running ’till she dropped’ following the refusal of doctors to carry out the procedure.

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A Breaking Bad Sequel Starring Val Kilmer and Other Kickstarter Campaigns … – People Magazine

A Breaking Bad Sequel Starring Val Kilmer and Other Kickstarter Campaigns
People Magazine
Before it was unceremoniously canceled, Anastaia would have picked up where Breaking Bad left off, with Walter White lying on the floor. Is Walter dead? As creator Lawrence Shepherd explains, Anastaia would have starred Val Kilmer and Guns N' Roses …
Slash Refusing To Comment Whether He Will Star In Breaking Bad SequelRTT News

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EU divided over severity of sanctions

It remains unclear whether the disaster will be the “wake-up call for Europe” envisaged by Barack Obama, the US president
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Iran dilutes enriched uranium stockpile

UN nuclear agency says Iran has converted its 20-percent enriched stockpile as per agreement with major powers.

‘Shejaia massacre’ in Gaza prompts urgent UN Security Council meeting

Palestinians flee their houses in the Shejaia neighbourhood which was heavily shelled by Israel during fighting in Gaza City July 20, 2014 (Reuters / Mohammed Salem)

LIVE UPDATES: Israel launches ground incursion in Gaza Strip

“I am calling for an urgent session tonight of the UN Security Council,” he said in a televised speech from the Qatari capital Doha. “The situation is intolerable,” he said. “What the occupation forces did today in Shejaia is a crime against humanity,” Abbas said. “Those who committed it will not go unpunished.”

As the IDF continues the operation in Gaza, Abbas arrived in Qatar on Sunday to discuss a potential ceasefire with Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal and UN chief Ban Ki-moon.

Ban condemned the “atrocious action” in Shejaia and urged Israel to “exercise maximum restraint.”

“Too many innocent people are dying (and) living in constant fear,” he said at news conference in Doha.

WARNING: Graphic video of the shelling aftermath in Shejaia

“At least 60 dead in Shejaia alone, and hundreds wounded,” Medhat Abbas, Director General of the Ministry of Health in Gaza told He added, “I don’t have the number now because there is no electricity, no nothing.”

“The Israeli aggression against civilians should be stopped,” said al-Shifa’s hospital administrator.

So far the official death toll stands at 62 Palestinians, as Israel heavily shelled Gaza’s eastern suburb of Shejaia battling the alleged Hamas militants in the bloodiest fighting in the 13-day offensive, medical spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra told AFP. Officials said 35,000 people fled the fighting in Gaza on Sunday as the artillery bombardment began.

The ambulances and fire trucks moved in to Shejaia at 10:30GMT after the announcement of a two-hour truce to retrieve the dead and wounded.

Inside the shelled neighborhoods, scores of people lay dead, others were wounded with scenes of entire buildings destroyed. Houses were still ablaze from the IDF onslaught, with corpses burnt almost beyond recognition, with the dead being both young and old, including children.

But in a few hours, the shelling resumed as the IDF announced Hamas had breached the truce and it was responding “accordingly.”

The injured from Shejaia were rushed to Gaza City’s central Shifa Hospital. Chaos reigned inside the hospital as wounded children were brought to the overflowing emergency room, forcing the medical staff to treat the wounded in a hallway. Those who could still walk fled to some of the 61 UN shelters with more than 81,000 people from all over Gaza strip taking sanctuary in them, the refugee agency said.

“Shejaia was particularly badly affected with thousands of people reportedly fleeing their homes this morning, as heavy bombardment from Israeli tanks and artillery continued,” United Nations Relief and Works Agency said in a statement.

As the Palestinian death toll soared to 438, a spokesman for the Gaza emergency services said more than a third of the victims were women and children.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu defended the Israeli actions on Sunday, blaming Hamas for using civilians “as human shields.”

We fired a warning shot at this target in Gaza. In response, these civilians ran to the roof and brought their kids.

— IDF (@IDFSpokesperson) July 20, 2014

“We are carrying out a complex, deep, intensive activity inside the Gaza Strip and there is world support for this… very strong support,” he said ahead of a security cabinet meeting.

Shejaia lies next to the separation barrier between Israel and Gaza, east of Gaza City. Because of its geographical location to the buffer zone, the Israeli army claims that Shejaia is responsible for 8 percent of the rockets launched from Gaza.

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Cut in funding for English National Opera

As a proportion of total UK public spending, a miniscule 0.5 percent now goes to the arts.

European Union spends billions on war against refugees

The EU is investing billions to keep out desperate refugees and to send them back to poverty, civil war or certain death.