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Here’s How to Stream the Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight

Here’s How to Stream the Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight

HBO and Showtime are trying to make it impossible to watch the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight online. But where there’s an Internet, there’s a way—even if it’s convoluted.

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European Union steps up repressive measures against refugees

The EU’s militarized anti-refugee measures do not stop at the Libyan coast, but are being extended to Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan, Mali and Niger.

RACE FOR THE WH 3 hopefuls to join the 2016 GOP presidential field

No bail for man charged in shooting of NYPD officer

Officer Moore, who comes from a police family, joined the department in July 2010.



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Review: The absolutely optional Apple Watch and Watch OS 1.0

If you’re wondering whether to buy an Apple Watch, consider your computing life as a hierarchy of needs:

At the bottom sits your must have device—a computer, tablet, or phone—capable of independently accessing the Internet and storing useful quantities of data. And one step above that is Internet access itself. You need a device to use it, but your device can’t do much without it.

Every tier similarly builds upon the one below it. Next comes useful apps—browsers, productivity software, whatever you need to work and play—and these all extend your device’s functionality in basic, useful ways. Services for work (Dropbox, Office 365) and entertainment (Spotify, Netflix) follow. The line between software and services is increasingly blurry (especially if we’re talking about software-as-a-service) but most of them feel more optional. Everyone needs a browser. Not everyone needs Dropbox and Netflix and Facebook.

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​Early diagnosis: Revolutionary study says most cancers can now be predicted years in advance

Following a 13-year study, US scientists have identified a specific pattern of change in the length of a biomarker present in cells, which occurs many years before a patient begins suffering symptoms of cancer.
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Bolivia: walking in the footsteps of dinosaurs

If you want to walk in the footsteps of dinosaurs it seems Bolivia is the place to be. Authorities say it is now home to the greatest number of dino…


Simon Costin: fashion’s folk hero

The magician behind the fantastical imagery talks about conjuring pictures — and his passion for paganism
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My Struggle With the Last Great Taboo: Admitting My Salary

My Struggle With the Last Great Taboo: Admitting My Salary

Using the hashtag #talkpay, people are tweeting about how much money they make—a radical thing to do in a culture that treats disclosing your salary as the ultimate taboo.

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Joyce Carol Oates, Russell Banks and 143 other writers protest free speech award for Charlie Hebdo

The protesting PEN members have thrown a monkey wrench into the works of a right-wing political operation, provoking screams of outrage from ex-left and ex-liberal circles.