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U.S. releases 4 Afghans from Guantanamo

The repatriation brings to 132 the number of detainees remaining at Guantanamo.



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Erdogan defends crackdown on opponents

Turkish president calls clampdown on critical journalists and move to arrest US-based arch-foe “clean” legal process.

Cook ‘gutted’ to miss World Cup

Alastair Cook is “disappointed” to be left out of England’s World Cup squad after Eoin Morgan is named new one-day captain.
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Judge: It’s OK for cops to create fake Instagram accounts

A federal judge in New Jersey has signed off on the practice of law enforcement using a fake Instagram account in order to become “friends” with a suspect—thus obtaining photos and other information that a person posts to their account.

“No search warrant is required for the consensual sharing of this type of information,” United States District Judge William Martini wrote in an opinion published last Tuesday.

“[Defendant Daniel] Gatson’s motion to suppress the evidence obtained through the undercover account will be denied.”

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Mixed reaction to historic thaw in US-Cuba relations

Mixed reaction in US and Cuba to ending of hostilities Cuban President Raul Castro is expected to address parliament in Havana on Saturday. This…


N Korea seeks joint probe over Sony hacking

Pyongyang warns of “serious” consequences if US does not cooperate after FBI accused it of hacking into Sony Pictures.

Isis morale falls as momentum slows

Frustration grows among jihadis as focus shifts to governing
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Intel: N. Korea deployed ‘terror teams’ to attack U.S.

(Digital Journal) North Korea sent covert commando teams to infiltrate the United States to carry out possible terrorist attacks against major cities and nuclear power plants, a declassified US intelligence report has revealed.

Portions of the 2004 Defense Intelligence Agency report were released following a Freedom of Information Act (FOAI) request filed by the Washington Free Beacon. According to the documents, five North Korean commando teams were trained for attacks against American targets “in case of hostilities” between the two nations.

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Plan to help over-50s get jobs

Unemployed over-50s will be offered “career reviews” and help using computers as part of plans to get more people in that age group into work.
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Video feature: Refugees in America

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