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Europe awaits Irish vote outcome on EU Fiscal Treaty

Ireland votes in a referendum on the European Fiscal Treaty today and the signs are it will be approved. It is the only country in the eurozone to…

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Syrian Boy Played Dead as Gunmen Killed His Family

An 11-year-old says he soaked his clothes with his brother’s blood while family members were shot one by one

  • 13 Bound Corpses Found in Syria
  • OPINION: Children Were First Victims of Assad’s Crackdown

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    Ban Eyed on Sex-Selective Abortions

    House Democrats, Republicans debating a bill that would punish physicians with heavy fines and jail time for performing sex-selective abortions, but pro-choice groups say it would ‘intimidate’ doctors.

  • Planned Parenthood Hits Romney With Gender-Ad Blitz
  • Obama Camp to Use Romney’s Record as Governor in Attacks
  • EXCLUSIVE: Romney Suggests Wealth Won’t Hurt

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    Fugitive ‘Honor Killer’Hiding In Plain Sight?

    Detective says Yaser Said, accused of killing his two daughters for dating non-Muslim boys, may be in NYC

  • VIDEO: Cabbie Could Be in NYC
  • OPINION: Arrest Mother as Accomplice in Texas Honor Killing

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    Canada investigates body parts found in mail

    Police say severed foot sent to ruling Conservative party not linked to organised crime as they closing in on a suspect.

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    South Africa under apartheid in the 1970s

    Captured on camera – the enforced racial segregation that faced South Africans nearly 40 years ago.

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    Diamond Jubilee Holiday Shines Bright in the UK

    Diamond Jubilee Holiday nears with great excitement.

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    Breaking: Romney did not win nomination –

    Breaking: Romney did not win nomination
    Incredible developments have emerged spelling out how Romney may not have actually taken the nomination, after all. Even with news circulating like wildfire that Romney secured the Republican nomination with an alleged win in Tuesday's Texas Primary,

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    Irish to vote in EU fiscal pact referendum

    Voters to decide whether to ratify the eurozone’s deficit-fighting plan as opinion polls suggest it would be approved.

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    ‘Hatfields and McCoys’ draws record-breaking audience –

    Cinema Blend
    'Hatfields and McCoys' draws record-breaking audience
    it's a question of littleireitations building and then igniting and then all hell breaking loose. >> their story is woven into america's popular culture in a song made famous by waylon jennings . like the hatfields and the mccoys >> cartoons
    Hatfields and McCoys Earn Record Breaking Ratings During First EpisodeCinema Blend
    Hatfields & McCoys Scores Record-Breaking Ratings for History ChannelSeattle Post Intelligencer
    More Big Ratings For History's 'Hatfields & McCoys' In Night
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